David Malmberg

Not just a lot of double talk!

"David was awesome! I don't know how he pinned the right jokes on the right people but he absolutely nailed it!"

Thein Well Company

"We have never gotten as good of a response as we did with David Malmberg! 'They' were so funny... we had a lot of belly laughs!"

First District Association

"David was great! He even had some folks laughing to tears."


"We could not have asked for anything better. Everyone absolutely loved it! People made comments like: 'I haven't laughed that hard in years,' and 'We are still laughing from last night.'"

Relay for Life Fundraiser

"The positive comments just keep flooding in regarding David's performance."


"David Malmberg is one of the finest."

La Crosse Farm Show

"Everyone said you were the best entertainment we have ever had. You sir, are a tough act to follow!"

Kottkes' Bus Service, Inc.