David Malmberg

Des Moines, Ia

2015-01-15 14:42:42

Performing in Des Moines, Ia over the weekend. A beautiful city with some great folks. (did a show for the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Assoc) I must say I was rather nostalgic driving through the downtown area. This, after just finishing native son, Bill Bryson's account of growing up in Des Moines in the 50's. The book is called "Adventures of the Thunderbolt Kid." Just a great read as he draws a fantastic picture of what Des Moines was like 60 years ago. Highly recommend. Weather has cooperated so far this winter! Knock wood etc etc.

Later, d

The Season

2015-01-04 15:05:28

It has been a busy holiday season, traveling, performing and doing what I do. It always gives me a chance to meet so many folks in so many different occupations around the country. America indeed is alive and well on the grassroots level. Fortunately, the weather has cooperated this year, at least so far. This is always a concern for those of us that travel for a living. Always checking the weather and almost always finding it to be inaccurate! However, it does give one a sense of what to expect. Last night I was in Fargo, ND. Forcecast: Snow, freezing temperatures and gust to 25 mph. . Actual: No snow, unbelievably cold (-22) and 50 MPH winds. I can't event calculate the wind chill. When I started my car in the morning, there was a certain amount of internal hemorrhaging that was occurring with the engine. Poor guy.


Ray Guyll

2014-04-12 11:18:05

Just took delivery a few weeks ago on a new Leonard Cribble. He was created and sculpted out of basswood and is a real masterpiece by Seattle figure maker Ray Guyll. Yes, there are actually folks out there who are devoted to supplying those of us in the voice tossing business with sidekicks to do just that: Voice Toss .

There are many photo's of America's Grouchiest Farmer Leonard Cribble at: www.facebook.com/dummies